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Hakeem Nicks, 09.15.10

Q: What could you possibly have planned for an encore?
A: Sticking to the game plan. We want to go out there and make plays and do the same thing we did last week. Be on top of our game.

Q: What problem does this defense create for you?
A: That's a good defense we're about to face. We have to get in the film room and critique them. Everything is going to take care of itself once we get out there.

Q: Everyone talks about getting that win on week one that is such a springboard. How does that affect you going into week two against a team like the Colts?
A: Yes it is. We're 1-0 but this is a whole new week right here. We want to approach it the same way we did last week. We want to make sure we are on top of our game plan, and make sure we do everything we need to do to prepare.

Q: Do you guys get into this ‘Manning Bowl' stuff with Eli and Peyton?
A: No, we all pretty much don't get into that. We approach it and I'm sure Eli too, we are all approaching it like it's another game.

Q: Well, Eli thinks it's pretty special:
A: I'm sure that's probably some big brother/little brother stuff going on.

Q: How's your ankle?
A: My ankle is doing good. I rolled it in the second quarter of the game and it's a little sore so I'm going to stay off it for today.

Q: It should be fine Sunday?
A: Yeah, I'll be fine Sunday.

Q: Working tomorrow?
A: Depends on how it feels when I get in in the morning. We'll make that decision.

Q: You played through that, though, you did that early on right?
A: Yeah, I did that in the second quarter. It happened on the run play. I was blocking and it rolled up a little bit. Nothing too serious.

Q: What happened after, did it swell up on you?
A: It kind of swelled up a little bit. There was a little bit of pain on the outside.