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Eli Manning, 09.15.10

Q: Is this more fun for the media and fans than it is the Manning family?
A: Probably so. I understand that it's a big deal to the media and fans, and that it's a unique story and everything. I think it's definitely been better this year in that it's the second game of the season, and not the opener where you had four months to talk about it. It's a lot easier dealing with just one week and I think it's a lot more relaxing for Peyton and I just having to deal with it for one week. I'm prepared for the Colts defense, and I'm getting ready for Dwight Freeney and those guys on the defensive side, and we got off to a good start at practice today. We have to continue to do that.

Q: One way of beating the Colts is stopping your brother. Sustained drives by you would do that:
A: Yeah, I mean we have to keep the ball out of that Colts' offense. That comes by running the ball, completing passes, converting third downs. When you get into the red zone, you have to score touchdowns and not settle for field goals. That's not easy to do. They're a good defense. They're very fast and they make a lot of plays, get turnovers, can get to a quarterback. It's just about being patient with them and you have to understand their packages and their concepts, and play great football.

Q: How difficult is the game for your parents?
A: I think it's a little difficult. It's hard for them to be happy at the end of the game for one son knowing that the other son is disappointed. They'll be at the game, and rooting for the offense the whole time. They're hoping for a high scoring game.

Q: Will it be easier the second time around facing your brother?
A: Yeah. It's never easy facing the Colts because they're a good team with quality players and a great defense. It's not a team we play that often so we have to watch a lot of film and really study up on what they're doing and their schemes defensively. It should be a great atmosphere, and I'm excited about the first time playing in Lucas Oil Stadium, so it should be a great environment on a Sunday night.

Q: In 2006, you couldn't feel a lot of this hype:
A: Yeah, I think in 2006 it was overload because right when people found out we were playing the game in April, we got questions about it. You get sick of answering the same question over and over and over again for five months, and it was just too much. I think with this week, you can handle it because it's been a little bit less stressful for Peyton and I, and we can think about it and enjoy this game and the fact that we both will be on the field on Sunday.

Q: When you talk to Peyton about football, do you get a sense that he respects you now more than ever?
A: Yeah, a lot of it isn't talking football as in teaching. Sometimes, you talk concepts or something comes up and you're talking football together and you may be talking to a coach that you see or another quarterback at a football camp that you get some college quarterbacks and they start asking questions or throwing some different ideas around or how you work and how you watch film. If he's answering the questions, I'll listen, and likewise, if I'm answering, he'll listen and see how we do things. Maybe you hear something that helps you that you didn't know he was doing.

Q: What makes the Colts defense so dangerous to you?
A: Their speed all over the field. From their linebackers to their defensive line to their safeties, everybody. That team is built around speed and getting to the ball, and getting sacks from the quarterback. That is something that we need to prepare ourselves as a team is getting ready for how fast they flow and some of their movements. They are a talented team, and they make plays. They don't give up many touchdowns, and they find ways to get fumbles and interceptions.

Q: Looking at the Texans-Colts game, what did you see there and how do you bring that into the game?
A: We are going to establish the run game. That's Giants football. It's something we're going to try to do and a part of that is being able to throw the ball successfully also. If you can throw well on first and second down, you can get into a two-high safety zone, and you can run it some and then get into third-and-manageable situations. If you're facing third-and-longs, that's when their defense comes alive and those defensive ends are sprinting up the field and it makes for a long day.