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Chase Blackburn, 09.13.10

Q: The injury...
A: Same thing. Same kind of injury. Just got hit on the outside of the same knee. We'll see how it goes taking it one day at a time. Start my rehab back up and hopefully get back. Hopefully it won't be as long of an off-time this time.

Q: Thoughts when it occurred. You had to be thinking, ‘Not again.'
A: Basically. ‘Are you kidding me?' That was basically my thought, ‘Are you kidding me?' But it is what it is. It's part of football. Injuries happen, and like I said, I just have to rehab and bounce back.

Q: Still the MCL?
A: Same type of thing. Same knee. Right knee.

Q: But it doesn't feel as bad as it did the first time around?
A: I feel like it's more stable this time. I feel like I'm at a better starting point than I was the last time. Last time it was real wobbly, real loose. This time I have at least some stabilization in it, and hopefully the rehab will be shorter.

Q: The last cost you three weeks. Are you thinking maybe about a week with this one?
A: Hopefully not even that. We'll see. We've got a good trainer so as quick as they can get me back, I'll be doing everything I can to get there.

Q: Was Jonathan Goff in your spot on that blocked punt there? Or was that his regular spot?
A: He was in for me at left guard.

Q: Did you see that play?
A: I saw it today on film. Got to get better on protection.

Q: I know you don't want to talk for him, but...
A: I don't know. You all watched the film. We've got to protect. Everybody's got to protect. In that position we're up 15 points, we've got to know protection first. It was four and a half minutes or six and half minutes left in the game, we've got to know to protect.

Q: You weren't on the field for a lot of it, but the special teams play was not what you guys were looking for.
A: Definitely. We still have people to step up. I think honestly Jason Pierre-Paul played a heck of a game on special teams. If you all watched ‘90' run down the field on kickoffs and stuff, he did a lot of good things for us on every special team. Now we need more guys to step up, including myself, so I can get back healthy and get out there on the field. We need a lot of guys to step back up.

Q: You have embraced this role on special teams. Do you think more guys need to embrace it?
A: Definitely. That's part of my job. They elected me special teams captain for a reason, and that's one thing I've got to do. I've got to bring the unit together because what we did yesterday wasn't acceptable for our positions. Take it upon yourself, and if every player does their job, we will make a lot of good things happen on special teams this year.

Q: Do you say anything to Matt Dodge? You are the special teams captain. Do you say anything to him today?
A: Just tell him to keep his head up. He's a rookie, his first game, get the jitters out, play. He got drafted for a reason. He can punt the ball, and he can do it well. Just play and get those cobwebs out and everything else he's got going on-any mind tricks he's got and go play. Take the practice to the field.

Q: I'm sure you're not talking about the technical aspects of it. Is that something you look at like, ‘OK, I've got to make sure his mind is right?'
A: That's how it is with anything. If you're blocking on kick return and you had some bad games, it's a mental block. You feel like, ‘Alright, now this time I've got to try to jump him on the outside. This time I've got to get my leverage farther in.' Then he beats you backdoor. So it's a mind game you play with yourself. You know how to do it. You've just got to remember how to do it over and over every time.

Q: When you talk about special teams and guys stepping up, I mean it takes a certain mentality.
A: That's what we were talking about was the fact that people have to buy into these roles. And if you're not a starter on the team, that's your role. So that's the thing we've got to buy into, and everyone go out there with the same mentality and we'll get things done.

Q: I mean that was not hard for you obviously.
A: That was my get-in from the front door.

Q: Do you see how it might be hard for somebody else?
A: I can definitely see. But look at we've got first rounder Jason Pierre-Paul. First round draft pick, he bought into it yesterday. You watch him on film and you'll see he bought into it.

Q: Was it simple things you guys were messing up?
A: Definitely. Everything is correctable. That's the one thing about it like the blocked punt is correctable, completely correctable. Just protection first. Get in our lanes. Our kickoff coverage, including myself, I went to chip a guy to help a double team, and I just couldn't get back in my lane in time. So that's one thing. I recognized it right away. I told Jason afterwards, ‘Look, you're on your own on double teams from now on because I can't get over to you. I need to get back in my lane.' And he didn't need it. He really didn't.