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New York Giants Notes: Bomar Ready To 'Let The Chips Fall'


Rhett Bomar said all the right things Tuesday when he spoke to reporters. He praised the injured Jim Sorgi. He said he isn't worried about whether New York Giants will keep him as the backup quarterback. He said he could "only control how I play."

"It's not scary. I'm not worried about them, to be honest. Like I said a million times, I can only control what I can control. My job is to go out there on Thursday and play to the best of my ability and lead this team whenever I get my opportunity and let the chips fall as they may," Bomar said. "Hopefully they're comfortable enough with me."

Sure, Rhett. We all know you will be on pins and needles the next few days wondering if you have convinced the Giants you can be entrusted to back up Eli Manning at quarterback. Or, if the Giants will go out and get a veteran to caddy for Manning.

What do you think, Giants fans? Will it be Bomar backing up Eli, or a veteran quarterback still to be determined? Oh, and one other question for you Bomar-maniacs. How will you react if the Giants do the unthinkable and let him go?

Defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka said he is hoping for 'a good show' from the front-line defense Thursday against the New England Patriots.

"I think it being our last preseason game and knowing that we haven't performed 100 percent in the previous games, yeah, we're definitely-for whatever amount of plays we're going to be out there-we're looking to have a good show," Kiwanuka said. "I'm happy with what we've shown in practice. Now why it's not translating on the field as far preseason, it's not a major concern. Obviously we want to get everything right. We want to do everything perfect, but we understand that preseason is there for a reason. It's a time to get everything fine-tuned. So as long as we come out clicking on all cylinders and everybody is going for the regular season, we'll be good."

With Sinorice Moss on Injured Reserve it would appear relatively certain that there is a roster spot awaiting undrafted rookie free agent wide receiver Victor Cruz. The former UMass star is trying not to celebrate yet.

"The day I feel secure is the day they call me into that office and let me know I made the team," Cruz said. "Granted what I’ve done so far you kind of feel a little confident in what you can do against NFL talent. But again, you have to just remain humble and keep striving, keep pushing forward, especially on special teams where you know that’s an area of importance."

That's the right attitude for Cruz to take. Undoubtedly, his special teams work will be important.

Veteran safety Deon Grant is not worried about the way the Baltimore Ravens picked apart the Giants' secondary Saturday night. He was critical of some of the young corners the Giants used extensively.

"What happened last week is probably going to be the most we’ll give up, and we probably won’t even give up that no more," said Grant. "If we go out there and do what we need to do, we should not let that happen anymore.

"When you look at the film, there’s a lot of the simplest things that I don’t care who they had at receiver, we could’ve defended it," Grant said. "We gave up yards we didn’t have to give up if we were just playing the way we were supposed to be playing our coverage. Some guys were just not doing what the D-coordinator taught us within the defense. ... If they can’t take coaching and do what you do at practice and take it to the field, they can’t put you on the field."

One issue the Giants are still hoping to resolve in the final preseason game is who will be the primary kick returner.

"We’re continuing to try to resolve that issue, try lots of people and keep an open mind about what’s going on in the league and who is available," coach Tom Coughlin said.

Personally, and I know I'm sort of wearing my feelings on my sleeve here, I am hoping it isn't too late for Tim Brown to open some eyes and grab that job.

Plaxico Burress' request for a work release has been denied.