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New York Giants News And Notes: Off Day Notes

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No camp today, Giants fans, but the good news is that this is the last Sunday of the year without any kind of NFL football, and only four more Sundays until real games are being played. Let's get onto some good news:

Kenny Phillips has officially been cleared to practice. It's best to temper your expectations, but it's good to see that he's steadily making progress. On Wednesday, the Giants will be getting another player back as well, when Rich Seubert returns to practice less than a week after breaking his hand.

One of the more intriguing position battles this training camp might be that for starting running back between presumptive favorite Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradhsaw. Ultimately the Giants will be looking to use them both to mix things up the way they did so successfully two years ago, but it will be interesting to watch nonetheless. I'm particularly curious how Bradshaw will hold up with added carries - even last year he was an above average RB when he had the ball, and has an outstanding career 5.2 YPC.

The NY Times 5th Down blog says that Mathias Kiwanuka is finding his comfort zone, no matter where he lines up on the field.

Adam Schefter hit Giants camp yesterday in his tour of NFL camps, and reports that despite putting up career numbers last season, the Giants are hoping Eli's numbers go down this year. Pretty obvious, actually - the Giants hope to play from behind less and run more. That said, I hope the Giants don't stubbornly try to be a pure smash-mouth team again, not when they have such a talented group of wideouts and maybe the best QB they've ever had.

Speaking of Eli, Jim Sorgi compares him with his brother Peyton.

Mike Garafolo reports that Linval Joseph and Jason Pierre-Paul both had solid practices yesterday.

Finally, a cool profile of Giants TE Bear Pascoe. With a name like his and the ability to lasso, Pascoe has all the makings of a folk hero.