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Giants Training Camp: A Little Work From A Budding Photographer

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Those of you were reading Big Blue View a year ago, the first time the team gave me access to Giants Training Camp, enjoyed it when I posted some of the photos my son took on a day he visited camp with me.

Well, I thought we would reprise that effort today as our budding young photographer was at camp with me Thursday night and took some pretty good shots. Especially considering he was sitting in the bleachers with a digital camera.

Follow the jump for some of his best shots from the practice.

Corey Webster stretches prior to practice.

Tom Coughlin keeps an eye on the proceedings.

With the injuries they have had, maybe the Giants don't stretch enough.

Tim Brown had an impressive first week of camp.

Jim Sorgi calls the signals.

Linval Joseph watches his teammates.

(Photos by Ryan Valentine)