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Giants Training Camp: Friday Notebook

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Tom Coughlin fired off the best quote of New York Giants Training Camp thus far Thursday when he was asked about center Shaun O'Hara, who was sitting out practice due to his ankle injury.

"If you're an offensive lineman and you're standing there watching practice, it's not really good," Coughlin said. "Those other guys are not real charitable and wondering if you're OK and comfortable and would you like another glass of lemonade."

TC is often a gruff, serious guy. But, he can stick the needle when he wants to.

If you missed 'New York Giants Talk' Thursday afternoon, Pat Traina (Inside Football) and I conducted a wonderful sit-down interview with defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka. Here is a little of what Kiwanuka had to say.

"The bottom line is to win games. When we're winning everybody's going to get enough snaps, everybody's gonna get enough plays and everything will be working out and [that] will keep us all happy," Kiwanuka said. "That was the main thing that didn't happen last year. So all the negativity, all the anger, whatever, that was coming out of last season was mainly due to the fact that we lost a lot of games."

Kiwanuka is optimistic about the coming season.

"We're back on track ... we are focused and ready to bring another championship back," Kiwanuka said. "What we put out there last year was, for lack of a better term, embarrassing. We're never going to have that again."

Hakeem Nicks was able to get on the field Thursday night and looked fine. after Tuesday evening's scare when he was carted off the field with an apparent knee injury. Earlier in the day, the 2009 No. 1 pick talked about how important it is for him to be on the practice field.

"I feel like I've missed enough time missing the spring so I'm ready to get after it now and I'm all about time now. It's getting to crunch time now," Nicks said. "Going into our second week of camp I'm going to try to pick it up a lot more and I just want to continue to do better."

First-round pick Jason Pierre-Paul has made a few nice plays in recent practice sessions, but admits "I'm just going by my athleticism for now."

"Right now I'm just still learning, I'm just being a sponge to the coaches and just learning the plays and stuff. But once I learn it, it's going to be automatic, and I can react faster than what I'm doing now on the field."

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