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Giants Training Camp: Wednesday Morning Update

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No practice today for the New York Giants. There is, however, media access at the University at Albany, and I will be stopping out there later on to see what I can find out.

The Giants should be releasing information later on the severity of the knee injury suffered by Hakeem Nicks. If we found out anything while I'm out there, I won't have the laptop. I will do my best Garafolo-Vacchiano-Traina impression and tweet the news, though.

If I drop a couple of tweets and anyone is feeling enterprising, feel free to grab them and turn them into a 'Fanpost' for our readers who don't do the Twitter thing. I will get something posted as soon as I can.

I also had a chance to talk with wide receiver Derek Hagan Tuesday. I am working on that, and I will have a Hagan piece for you as soon as I can. Hagan, incidentally, becomes an important receiver for the Giants if Nicks -- or anyone else -- goes down.