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Coughlin: Bomar is Giants' Backup QB ... For Now

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Today is a feel-good day for Rhett Bomar, who has won the No. 2 quarterback job with the New York Giants with Jim Sorgi landing on season-ending Injured Reserve.

I would not get too comfortable yet, though, if I was Bomar. Coach Tom Coughlin admitted Tuesday that the team has been considering available veterans, and will continue to do so as NFL teams trim their rosters to 53.

"Rhett is number two on the staff right now," Coughlin said. "it depends on what the availability and what the cost it. I'm not saying we're doing that, but our people are not caught by surprise by this. Our guys have been working on this for a couple of weeks."

Coughlin even hinted that a veteran quarterback could be in a Giants uniform before Thursday night's game against the New England Patriots.

"I don't know if anything is safe. I just think that we're investigating all of our options, whatever those options are," Coughlin said. "If it comes that the decision is made after the game, fine. If it comes that the decision is made before that, fine, but all of the options are open, of course. Depending on if he goes in there and plays well on Thursday night, we'll certainly have good evidence to think that he can do it."

Keep an eye on NFL roster cuts the next few days and see who becomes available.