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Tom Coughlin, 08.31.10

Q: Did the baby come on your birthday?
A: No, the 30th. They didn't want that to happen.

Q: How many grandchildren is that now?
A: Ten

Q: How is the situation now? We saw the report that three guys were put on IR today. What are you doing to fill those gaps?
A: Well, the IR part of it is one thing. We always hate to do that. But it's a part of getting down. We had to get down to 75 so we took the guys that really needed to be addressed surgically so that's where we are on that. We do have the numbers - sometimes not the way you want them - but we do have enough numbers to play a final game.

Q: Might Jim Sorgi need surgery?
A: Yes. I think he will. I'm not telling you anything that you haven't already speculated on but I'd like him to get healed and get himself healthy so that may require that.

Q: Is Rhett Bomar now the backup or is that still up in the air?
A: Rhett is number two on the staff right now.

Q: This late in camp, when you lose the guy you were planning on having as your backup quarterback - is it a mad scramble? Are you scouring the waiver wires? Is it harder to get a veteran backup this late?
A: No. Well, it depends on what the availability and what the cost it. I'm not saying we're doing that, but our people are not caught by surprise by this. Our guys have been working on this for a couple of weeks.

Q: Is Rhett Bomar ready to be a number two in this league?
A: Keep playing, keep working with him. He's talented. We'll see how far we can go with it.

Q: How much of a look is he going to get on Thursday night?
A: Does it make a difference if he plays three versus two and a half? He's going to play a lot. Same thing. Same thing he's been doing.

Q: Is it safe to say you won't make the decision to bring another guy in until after that game?
A: I don't know if anything is safe. I just think that we're investigating all of our options, whatever those options are. If it comes that the decision is made after the game, fine. If it comes that the decision is made before that, fine, but all of the options are open, of course. Depending on if he goes in there and plays well on Thursday night, we'll certainly have good evidence to think that he can do it.

Q: What did they say about Sinorice? He needed surgery?
A:Yes, he needed it.

Q: That's a full season thing?
A: I think so. IR.

Q: Did they say that there's no shot of him getting surgery and then coming back?
A: All I know is that the surgery and the rehab and those types of things and when would the athlete be able to return to full speed action and that type of thing. It's very, very difficult to operate like that.

Q: In Adrian Tracy's case, he was making that transition. How much can he learn on the sidelines compared to actually being on the field doing it.
A: Well, you'd like to have him. In whatever capacity it would be in, you'd want him practicing. That's the best way to learn. He would be in the meeting rooms and he would be working and all that. That would be the best way but that having been said, he'll be in the meetings and he'll be a part of the teaching and the learning and I think that that will help.

Q: What happened to Travis Beckum?
A: Same thing. He came out and had a one day thing and ended up with a sore neck again the next day. He has to have more research done.

Q: Can I ask about Shawn Andrews and the progress that he's been making?
A: Good progress. Good progress. There's a lot that has to be learned and it's a foreign language, but he's made good progress and he's studied hard. He spends about every waking minute with Jack Bicknell or Pat Flaherty. One of the two them has pretty much got him constantly in the meeting room.

Q: I saw Kareem McKenzie was back today. Was he held out as a precaution yesterday or was he still having symptoms?
A: He most definitely had issues and got the medication that he needed and felt better today.

Q: How do you rate what Victor Cruz has done so far?
A: He's done well. He's proven that he can catch it. The thing that all of those young guys - you preach, but sometimes they don't listen - it's going to be special teams. If he can help us on special teams, it's going to be a tremendous asset for him and much more for us to evaluate.

Q: All four of these preseason games are against 3-4 fronts. I don't think you see one again until week five. Is that a particular challenge?
A: Not really because most all of these teams will reduce and when they reduce it becomes a four man line and they all play some form of over as well so even though you're looking at a 3-4, a lot of it is reduced until the weak side becomes an under-front. Many, many of them have the diamond front where all three are covered inside and many of them play the over so the real issues for us - which is a good thing... I think that because Baltimore played us in the no-huddle the other night, they did us a favor. That's a good thing. That was a good thing for us. The one thing that the 3-4 teams bring to the table, because of the multiple linebacker approach, is the versatility that they have with their sub-packages and the multiple personnel arrangements that they can put forth on the field, which causes you an awful lot of preparation and a lot of thought process goes into your protections and it couldn't be better. It couldn't be better for us, because the more difficult it is right now the better it is.

Q: Is Clint Sintim still thinking too much or is he playing 100%?
A: Well, I hope he is thinking, but his athleticism is still there.

Q: How do you like Keith Bulluck on the outside?
A: I wish I would have had a chance to see a little bit more with the run game, but he had a lot to defend and he progressed based on his situation, but it would have been good to see a little bit more of the run, which is what we anticipated that he would be involved in.

Q: How much will you give him on Thursday?
A: He'll play. He'll get a little bit of either the same amount or the advanced. I think he played 21 plays the other night.

Q: Getting back to the no-huddle. The position of umpire now, is that an adjustment?
A: You watched TV the other night. I know you saw that. I know you know they did that on purpose. That brought the attention to that whole thing. We're still waiting for whatever they're going to tell us about that.

Q: Do you think you're going to play Kenny Phillips?
A: He'll play some. They didn't play that first game so they're anxious to get a few more snaps.

Q: Will it be more than last Saturday?
A: I don't know. Probably close to what it was.

Q: Have you seen more playmaking out of Hakeem Nicks?
A: Today and the last couple of days he's made a lot of plays. He looks more like himself.

Q: Is that it or is he taking steps in certain ways?
A: I hope he's working hard on the position specifics of his job - his game. It seems to me that he's a little bit more focused.