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Tom Coughlin, 08.30.10

Q: Snee and McKenzie were out of practice?
A: Snee, his family may be having a baby, I hope, right now. I don't know yet though, so let's not... McKenzie had the migraine reoccur.

Q: You had Ramses Barden back today, doing a lot it looked like?
A: Yes we did. It's a good thing, yes. He worked his way in.

Q: Is he limited at all because of the back?
A: He's in the process of healing but felt good enough to go. We wanted and obviously he wanted to get some work. Let's hope that when he comes back inside that everything is fine.

Q: How about DJ Ware returning?
A: The doctors cleared him.

Q: You talked about stepping it up after last week and so did the players today, did you see that out here?
A: I thought it was a little better. Our tempo was better. We created better tempo. We were on the clock the whole day. With the exception of starting the series, I think we stuck with it. Even on the carded stuff for the defense, we were still under 35 seconds. That's going to help us. The attempt to move more responsibility to the players, they want more and they're going to get more. Ok, well then let's make sure that we do it right and take responsibility for it. I think the guys want that and I think we'll get better as we continue that.

Q: When you say they want more, did someone come to you and ask?
A: No. You always ask if anyone came to me, no. Nobody came to me.

Q: Well then how can you tell they want more?
A: Because I can tell when you people tell me that they say ‘We can do this, we can do that. We should be taking care of that.' I agree with them. The idea of going with more tempo and letting the quarterbacks go. The coach to quarterback thing where there isn't as much exchange just so that the tempo of the practice is better. Then the idea of going ahead with the rally stuff again just so that the alignments, assignments, and those things can be checked once again.

Q: On Rolle's hit the other night, what do you tell the d-backs about those situations?
A: That is the emphasis, for sure, in terms of the safety issue. It really is a matter of the defenseless receiver really can't be hit in the head. It can't be done with the helmet, it can't be done with the shoulder, and it can't be done with a forearm. You really have to come in below the head. It's a very difficult play for the people in the secondary because you're running to the ball. They don't always get a chance to come to balance, or whatever, and sometimes collisions just happen. That's the emphasis, that's the rule, so it happened. Well, we can teach off of it. Once Antrel looked at it and understands the rule, as tough as it is, he understands that it's going to be called.

Q: Sinorice Moss went yesterday to get a second opinion on his groin/abdomen:
A: I don't have anything yet. I think it was this afternoon.

Q: Where'd he go?
A: He went to Philadelphia.

Q: Any update on Aaron Ross?
A: No. Not really.

Q: How has Dodge been doing, getting any better?
A: I think he is. He was hitting spots the other night. The interesting thing was if we would have made the tackle the way we should have. We let the ball carrier get out. We went from the minus 1, it was a muffed ball, but it was on the 23-yard line. If we would have tackled the ball carrier right there, on the muff, that's almost changing the entire dynamic of the field. He's done that twice. Very difficult to do. We should have made the play. We had the ball carrier leveraged, but we let him out.

Q: Is it tough to evaluate him because a young punter is going to be inconsistent. You can't afford the shanks when the regular season starts:
A: You can't afford them at all. Is it hard to evaluate him? No. Some of the punts didn't have any hang time whatsoever, and those are not good. If there was anything good about it the other night, we had nine opportunities to improve our protection, and coverage, and for our punter to become more confident with playing on the road, if you will, for the first time.

Q: More of a leap of faith since you are used to having Feagles around:
A: You saw the version of the directional punt that was executed by Baltimore. Koch had the ball on the boundary, where we would catch it and step out of bounds. What you're looking for is net. I tell our young guys ‘45 yards, no return'. I'll take the net. More net than anything. The gross doesn't really mean anything.

Q: How about the rest of the special teams operation?
A: No tackling. No tackling. No tackling at all. Not tackling well enough. They need to tackle better.

Q: Good idea on the five cuts?
A: Pretty good.

Q: Want to share?
A: I think the tomorrow is the day for that.

Q: Adrian Tracy still 2-3 weeks?
A: Don't have anything new for you.

Q: Gerris Wilkinson check out ok?
A: He's sore. Hopefully he's not going to be too long.

Q: Regarding Jim Sorgi's shoulder, will he be able to throw at all this week?
A: He couldn't do it today. Won't do it tomorrow.

Q: How many grandkids for you now?
A: God willing, number 10.