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New York Giants Notes: Tuck Back To His Old Self

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Maybe the most positive development for the New York Giants during Saturday night's mostly upsetting 24-10 preseason loss to the Baltimore Ravens was that defensive end Justin Tuck was an absolute beast.

Two sacks, a few tackles and lots of buzzing around in the backfield for the Giants best defensive player.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin has obviously taken note.

"I’ve seen (speed), I’ve seen power, I’ve seen strength, I saw him get to the edge, win on the edge and I saw him finish," Coughlin said Sunday.

Tuck says the biggest difference is that he has two healthy arms.

"When you’re running like this, you can’t get a burst," the Giants’ defensive end said after the preseason loss to the Ravens. "You ever seen a duck fly with one wing? That’s kind of what it was last year."

  • Ralph Vacchiano says it feels like 2009 all over again for the Giants.

    While it's too early to panic or even draw parallels between then and now, there were far too many startling similarities between the '09 team and the one that lost to the Ravens, 24-10. Yes, the 2009 season easily could be explained away by an avalanche of injuries - something that's starting to afflict the '10 Giants, by the way. But it was always about more than that. It was about a lack of fire, a lack of intensity, a lack of aggressiveness, lack of effort ...

    Come to think of it, it was about a lack of everything the Giants seemed to lack on Saturday night.

    Two weeks, of course, is an eternity in the NFL, so there's more than enough time for the Giants to rediscover that effort and fix everything before the regular season opens on Sept. 12. And if they do, they wouldn't be the first team that looked awful in the summer, only to look like a contender in the fall.

    But for now, the omens are there.
  • Jim Sorgi's time with the Giants might be coming to an end.
  • Keith Bulluck, Kenny Phillips still shaking off rust.
  • INJURY UPDATE: Backup quarterback Jim Sorgi (shoulder), center Shaun O'Hara (ankle) and Ross (foot) will not practice tomorrow and probably won't play vs. New England...Defensive linemen Chris Canty and Jason Pierre-Paul, who missed the Ravens game with groin injuries, have improved and "will get some limited work," according to Coughlin...Rookie linebacker Adrian Tracy suffered a dislocated elbow and "there's a possibility he could be out 2-3," Coughlin said. "Gerris Wilkinson did have a groin strain last night and they're conducting examinations on Gerris as well."...Wide receiver Sinorice Moss will have second opinion on his groin injury.
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