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Coughlin Not Pleased With Saturday's Performance

New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin is as unhappy with Saturday's 24-10 loss to the Baltimore Ravens as many of you are -- though he probably chooses a different way to express it.

"Going into the game I was very interested in upgrading our execution and in instances, yes, but overall I did not see the kind of execution that I was anticipating and therefore I was disappointed," Coughlin said.

He was specifically asked about effort -- and the fact that he seemed to agree that in some cases the effort was not up to par is not a good sign.

"I expected more. I did," Coughlin said. "I'm not going to say that it wasn't there, I am going to say that it can be better."

He also made it clear that now is the time that the lockerroom leaders this team has been looking for need to step forward.

"I hope that there's an experience of learning here and those who are well aware of the difference between what happens in a regular season game and a preseason game and why there is so much significance attached to the third game, trying to equate it as best you can to regular season," Coughlin said. "I hope that they're able to share their feelings with their teammates."

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