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Giants @ Ravens: Things To Watch Tonight

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<strong>Rhett Bomar</strong> is trying to take advantage of <strong>Jim Sorgi's</strong> injury to earn the backup quarterback role with the Giants.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
Rhett Bomar is trying to take advantage of Jim Sorgi's injury to earn the backup quarterback role with the Giants. (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
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Here are some of the things I am most interested in watching tonight when our New York Giants travel to Baltimore to face the Ravens in preseason game 3.

  • Can Rhett Bomar take another step toward surpassing Jim Sorgi? Bomar was not great last week against Pittsburgh when forced to play the entire game. He was, however, competent. And coach Tom Coughlin has been impressed by the Big Blue View fan favorite. With all the uncertainty on the roster because of injuries, it seems unlikely the Giants keep three quarterbacks. At this point, I have doubts Bomar would get through waivers to the practice squad again. If he plays competently tonight and Thursday against New England the backup job could be his.
  • Can Tiny Tim put on his superhero cape and become Turbo Tim? In other words, can Tim Brown flash enough tonight with that blazing speed to make the Giants seriously consider finding a roster spot for the 5-foot-7, 160-pound undrafted free agent from Rutgers? With Aaron Ross and D.J. Ware out, and other guys having been unimpressive, Brown should see some opportunities in the return game. Injuries to Ramses Barden and Sinorice Moss also mean Brown should see some second-half opportunities as a wide receiver.
  • How does Brandon Jacobs look? The big fella has only gotten four carries for two yards thus far in preseason. Let's see if the Giants try to get him six to eight carries, and see what he can do with them? He might have lost ground to Ahmad Bradshaw in terms of who is the real No. 1 back, but Jacobs is still important to the Giants' offense.
  • The linebacker shuffle. What will we see from Keith Bulluck as he likely gets some extended time on the outside? Can Clint Sintim, who seems to be losing snaps lately, make a few plays? Can Jonathan Goff continue to show that he can hold down the middle linebacker job, which right now seems to be his? Will sixth-round pick Adrian Tracy build on last week's impressive performance as he bids for a roster spot?
  • Can Matt Dodge find more consistency? The rookie punter improved last week against the Steelers, hitting a few excellent punts. He also hit a few terrible ones, though. He needs to continue to show improvement to keep the Giants from looking for a veteran punter before Week 1 of the regular season.
  • Offensive line scramble. Who will play where, and how will they do? Can Rich Seubert show that he can handle center in Shaun O'Hara's absence, which would be a huge plus for the Giants? Who plays left guard? How does Shawn Andrews look, if he gets to play? Can David Diehl show that he still deserves to be the left tackle? Can Will Beatty continue his solid preseason? I could spend the whole game watching this group.