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Tom Coughlin, 08.26.10

Q: Is anybody getting better?
A: Yeah. A lot of them are getting better. Canty is doing better. JPP is doing better. They were out here running around.

Q: How about Jay Alford?
A: Jay did not practice today because his knee was sore.

Q: How about Shaun O'Hara?
A: Shaun has tendinitis, ankle, and they're going to try to resolve this so they put a cast on him and they're going to hold him for three or four days to see if they can't get these things straightened out.

Q: So you won't have him on Saturday?
A: No, we won't.

Q: Is Rich Seubert going to start there?
A: Yes.

Q: Why is that move being made?
A: Seubert? No, he's been doing it. He's been playing there.

Q: But why not Adam Koets?
A: Well, Koets will play the majority. We'll have maybe 20 or 25 plays out of Rich, because he's really not played that much and Adam has played all along, so Adam will end up getting the majority of the snaps.

Q: Will you try to get Rich some at left guard as well?
A: Probably not. We'll see. Don't pin me down on yes or no on anything. There's going to be x amount of linemen, they've all played more than one position - that's been our objective here in the preseason. As it is going in, they'll be in one particular spot, but you never know. They may end up playing a little bit at another spot.

Q: Are the doctors saying that this stuff with O'Hara could eventually need surgery?
A: I don't hear that.

Q: So he'll just have to put up with it?
A: That's probably what will happen, yeah.

Q: Is this part of the thing that's been bothering him all of camp?
A: Yes, the whole deal. It's the ankle, it's the Achilles, it's the tendonitis, it's the swelling that occurs, the soreness. There's soreness and swelling there.

Q: When you talk about the versatility of the linemen and David Diehl had to go in at left guard, could he have theoretically said, you know coach, I'd really rather not, or does that just not happen on this team?
A: No. That's not the way it works. They do have to learn more than one spot in most cases and the idea of being able to be versatile does give us some flexibility.

Q: What about Sinorice Moss?
A: He's not going to make it either. Groin. He's got a groin issue. They've got to do some tests and try to figure out what it is.

Q: Terrell Thomas? What's he look like for this weekend?
A: The calf. Right now, no.

Q: What do you want to see offensively that you haven't seen yet?
A: We're playing against a very good defensive football team, a team that has pretty much dominated the first two games - they gave up some pass yardage last weekend, but not much with the run. We've always played very good, physical games against them in the preseason. It is the third preseason game. I'd like to see us establish some continuity on offense. We had, as you know, kind of an unusual preseason in terms of our ability to play some guys together and have Eli Manning on the field, have our offensive line on the field, start to communicate better, do a good job with our run and get our receivers involved in the mix, so I'd like just to see our performance and our execution take a step up.

Q: Because so many of the top college players don't play special teams, what's the learning curve like for the rookies?
A: Well, they find out quickly that that's one way to make the team. You're right in that some of them haven't played much on special teams, but they learn very fast that they're needed.

Q: Is it something that comes during camp?
A: No, it starts as soon as they get here.

Q: Does it take a few years in some cases?
A: Usually it doesn't, no. It's all about attitude. You do what you have to do to help your team. If they don't understand it, they learn quickly when all of the sudden there are 53 and they're looking around the room for all of those numbers and there are no numbers and when you explain to them again that this is our team, on game day there's only 45 of you and you've got to do everything, it eventually makes a point for them.

Q: What do you see from Jonathan Goff?
A: He's done a good job, he's communicated well, he's directed traffic out there, he's been physical, he's made good progress.

Q: Has something changed from the way he played at the end of last year to this year?
A: He's just more mature, he's more experienced. He knows a little bit more about what's expected.

Q: Would you be comfortable putting him in there this season?
A: Sure. If he wins the job, certainly.

Q: When are first cuts?
A: Theoretically, Tuesday.

Q: But when will you make your decision?
A: It just depends on how we want to do it. We go to 75.

Q: So do you pretty much already have an idea?
A: Well, we'll see the game. You always have some ideas, but that can be affected.

Q: So there are certain people who could win spots this weekend?
A: Oh, sure. Absolutely. Every guy who is in that game will have a great chance to continue.

Q: Jay Alford said the other day that he wanted to push himself a little bit more and he had a good practice and then he said he was sore the day after. Is that a product of pushing himself too far maybe?
A: I don't know about pushing himself too far. I just think it's a natural thing that happens with a guy because he goes through getting himself back, feeling confident, being on it a lot and developing some soreness - sometimes there's a little bit of swelling - it just is a battle for these guys to get back from this surgery so he's done a good job with it, he's never asked one quarter and today was the day - I thought maybe he would be hard pressed to go yesterday and he went yesterday - today they just felt that it would be better for him, in terms of our closeness and our proximity to the game, if he didn't go.

Q: On Monday Shawn Andrews played - have you seen signs that he is getting back to form a little bit?
A: I've seen that. I've seen it from time to time, but I think the real test is to be able to hang in there and anchor down, be stout, brace yourself, and fight your way through to the run, and that's probably the better test.

Q: Numbers are low at cornerback. Could Antrel Rolle bounce over there?
A: He could, but we haven't discussed that.

Q: With Jim Sorgi saying that he'd like to practice on Monday, this weekend could really be Rhett Bomar's last chance to show you a healthy body of work. How much more does he have to show you to really compete for that number two job?
A: Oh, he's improved, he's done a nice job. He's still got a ways to go, but he's in the driver's seat as far as the guy who is taking all the snaps. When you look back at the opener, both Jim and Rhett did a nice job eventually - it took a little bit of time to do that but he's put himself in a good position and this will be another nice test for him.

Q: Would you be okay if Sorgi can't play the first two weeks to go with Rhett as the number two guy?
A: We'll see. We're going to give him this extra time here and we'll see how that goes. It just happens to fall that way and we'll have a chance to look at that.