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New York Giants Notes: Offensive Line Still Unclear

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You know all that stuff I have been saying about Will Beatty looking more and more like the starting left tackle for the New York Giants this season? Well, umm, not so fast.

Guards Rich Seubert and Chris Snee were back to practice Monday, and that meant David Diehl was back at left tackle. Which is still where he wants to be.

I've always been a team guy," Diehl said Monday. "It's unfortunate that both of those guys were hurt and I had to play a different position, but left tackle is my most comfortable position. It's where I spent the most time at and I feel the best at.

"I definitely want to go back to my position I feel more comfortable with."

Since training camp began, the offensive line has been presented as a battle between Beatty and Seubert for the final spot, with Diehl sliding in to play guard if Beatty takes a job away from Seubert. Entering his ninth season, Seubert lost time with a broken bone in his hand, and has lost lost some mobility over the years. He hasn't, however, lost his will to compete.

"That's my plan, right. Dave at tackle, me at guard. I'm looking forward to it. I miss being out there with those guys playing. It's not fun to see the game from the sidelines," Seubert said.

Love the fact that both of these guys are showing some pride, and aren't going to move for Beatty without a fight. How this plays out is still anybody's guess.

Shawn Andrews, the 330-pound offensive lineman signed as a free agent late last week, practiced for the first time on Monday. He split time between left guard and left tackle. Andrews takes offense at the notion he does not love to play football.

"I'm excited ... I'm a competitor," Andrews said. "The fact that people are telling me that I don't want to play football anymore, and that I don't have a love for the game, that speaks for itself. Being back speaks for itself. My all out last shot at it, I hope it works. I hope I have six or seven more years, being realistic. We'll see."

Andrews even called out Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Ashley Fox when she asked him about people doubting his desire to play. Fox wrote a scathing column on Saturday ripping Andrews and questioning the wisdom of the Giants in signing the former Philadelphia Eagle.

"It's funny, because even the people that I develop pretty good relationships with in the media in Philly, they're like ‘Oh, Shawn's a g-man now so let's ride the wave of "He didn't want to play" or "he stole money," Andrews said. "How did I steal money from the Eagles organization? It's not like I had a gun to their heads and said ‘Hey, keep me here', you know. I had a back injury, I had depression. Those are things from the past. Everybody has trials in life, and all the people that point fingers, they have something going on as well. I just pray for them. That's what I do."

Here's my take on Andrews. Let's forget the Philadelphia stuff. In football years it was a lifetime ago. He's a Giant now. Let's hope -- no, let's follow his lead and pray -- that the two-time Pro Bowler can find his form again and help this team. For the Giants and their fans, that is really all that matters. Can he help, or can't he?

From a variety of practice reports, results seem to have been mixed on Monday. Considering that he is way, way behind in terms of practice time and offensive understanding his initial performance is not really important.

By the way, Mike Garafolo -- who has been out front in figuring out the details of the six-year contract Andrews signed with the Giants -- has put together the year-by-year breakdown of a deal that could earn Andrews $40 million.