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Coughlin: Eli Ready To Return

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New York Giants Coach Tom Coughlin said Sunday that quarterback Eli Manning will return to practice Monday -- wearing a baseball cap. [Full transcript]

Other highlights from Coughlin's Sunday afternoon conference call.

  • Ramses Barden's back injury will keep him off the field again this week, as will Jim Sorgi's shoulder. Safety Michael Johnson is a maybe. Rich Seubert should play against the Baltimore Ravens next weekend. Brandon Jacobs should return to practice early this week.
  • Coughlin was not happy with the play of the second and third units on defense.

    "We gave up too much yardage, gave up too much soft yardage, and a lot of our young guys, not naming a lot of names, that had played well in the first game a week ago did not play as well in this game and the obvious was the result," Coughlin said. "We just did not stop the run, we did not do the things that we had done to reject the run the week before."
  • David Diehl will continue to split time between guard and tackle, another indication that Will Beatty is looking like the starting left tackle.
  • Coughlin said this week will be an important one for the offense, which has had a number of setbacks thus far.

    "What's important is that these guys practice together, that we get the whole group together so that we can talk about overall improvement," Coughlin said. "When you look at some of the things that are happening, for example, the pass protection break downs, the lack of real efficient route running, the cohesiveness of the timing involved between the quarterback and the receivers and the protection and the sight adjustments...all that stuff needs work and it needs time spent together and that's why this week will be so important to these guys."
  • Believe it or not TC lost track of time and was actually late for his own conference call.

    "I got in this meeting, and I just got caught up talking about people and I didn't realize the time, so you guys can fine me," he joked.