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New York Giants Notes: 'Prove it' Deal For Andrews

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Mike Garafolo has chased down the details of Shawn Andrews' deal with the New York Giants. It is a six-year deal with the potential for Andrews to earn $32.5 million. Only a small portion of that will come this season.

From an earlier report by Garafolo.

"It can be classified as a ‘prove it' type of deal," Moran said as the flight attendants were walking through the cabin. "It protects the club initially and, as he's productive, it works to both parties' benefit."

Moran said "there's a significant commitment by the club longer-term in the second year of the deal." Though he wouldn't be specific about any of the contract's financial details, he did say part of the "significant commitment" was a roster bonus due at some point next year.

"They'll have time to see how his back is doing," Moran said, "and how he's doing."

You have to like this kind of deal for Andrews, whose motivation has been questioned.

For his part, Andrews sounds like a guy ready to give what really amounts to a comeback for him everything he has.

"I've been working hard. I've been going hard -- not that I've never worked hard in my life, but I said this is my last attempt at it and I'm going to go just all out. I'm selling out right now," Andrews said Friday. "My head is in the game. It's always been in the game. I just had some setbacks there, and it was untimely and I heard every excuse for myself why the things happened back in 2008 that happened. We all go through things, and a lot of people I learned that point the finger and are probably going through a lot of things themselves and it just makes them feel stronger to point the finger at someone else. So I know that the God that I serve is a forgiving God, and he's a God of second chances so why not give a guy a second chance who's passionate about what he does."

Coach Tom Coughlin said the Giants did not sign Andrews on a whim -- they put a lot of work into deciding whether or not to do this.

"You've got to give the personnel people some credit. They've been tracking the guy. You know he's in excellent shape, starting to work out, very motivated," Coughlin said. "he's been here for a couple of days and he's had interviews with basically everybody. He's been to dinner with our personnel people - Jerry Reese. So people have spent a lot of time with him. I spent a good half hour with him yesterday. The quality of the football player that I remember from a couple of years ago is outstanding. Knowing that he went through some issues - he had the back and some other issues that he had to deal with. But, sensing now that he really is motivated and that he really wants to play. He's just a pleasant young man to visit with. He does indicate to you the kind of desire that he has to get back in the game."

Coughlin gave no indication how the Giants plan to use Andrews. ESPN's Matt Mosley offered up the opinion Friday that this is not a quick fix for the Giants. Rather, that the 27-year-old two-time Pro Bowler is more of a long-term project.

In a way, that makes sense. It is looking more and more like David Diehl will end up at left guard this season, but that might not be where the Giants want him to play long-term.

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