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Instant Analysis: Shawn Andrews, A Good -- And Worrisome -- Move

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<strong>Shawn Andrews</strong>. (Photo by: Chris McGrath/Getty Images)
Shawn Andrews. (Photo by: Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

I have two initial reactions to the New York Giants rather shocking signing of former Philadelphia Eagle two-time Pro Bowl offensive lineman Shawn Andrews.

  1. I LOVE the move. Shoot, the guy is a 27-year-old two-time Pro Bowler and he came cheap. I mean, his competition for a roster spot is Guy Whimper, Adam Koets, Kevin Boothe, Herb Taylor and -- maybe -- Rich Seubert. So, what's the harm? Maybe he can play, maybe he can't. We already know we don't really want to see most of those guys I mentioned on the field, so this is a good -- no make that great -- gamble.
  2. The move worries the heck out of me. It makes me think the Giants are more concerned about the condition of Chris Snee's knee than they are saying -- after all Andrews' best position has been right guard. It makes me think maybe they aren't sure Seubert has anything left in the tank. It makes me think they are hedging their bets against having to move David Diehl back outside if Will Beatty flops at left tackle. It makes me think maybe they aren't sure Kareem McKenzie can hold up for another full season, and they aren't sure how to replace him if he goes down.
Worry, worry, worry. This move causes you to worry about a lot of things, and makes you wonder how the Giants might use the 6-foot-4, 335-pound Andrews. If he can still play, of course. Which remains to be seen.
Reality is, there is no real downside to this move as far as Andrews himself is concerned. Is there a more talented lineman available on the current free-agent market? I challenge you to find one. Is there a more talented, more accomplished player among the reserve linemen on the Giants' current roster? Not a chance.

So, if the guy is healthy and his head is screwed on right General Manager Jerry Reese just pulled off a major heist. If he were fat and out of shape, he wouldn't have been signed. If the Giants determine over the next few weeks that Andrews can't play anymore, he won't make the team.

I know all about his back injuries and his battles with depression. I know some of the folks at Bleeding Green Nation think he is done. We'll just see.

It will be interesting to see what coach Tom Coughlin says about the Giants' plans for Andrews. Sounds right now like Andrews is expecting to see time at both guard and tackle.

Like I said, what I'm more concerned about is what this says about the other Giants linemen.