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Giants Training Camp: It's Fun And Games, Sometimes

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Eli Manning's New York Giants teammates had a little fun at his expense Wednesday, mocking the stitched up quarterback.

Center Shaun O'Hara was, as you might expect, the ringleader. He showed up for lunch wearing a huge bandage on his forehead, mimicking the smaller bandage Manning was sporting.

  • I noted here Wednesday that both Gerris Wilkinson and Phillip Dillard got some snaps with the first team at outside linebacker spots. Coughlin spoke about both guys during Wednesday's meeting with the media.

    On Wilkinson.

    "It was earned by the way he played the other night. He had some physical tackles, he did well on special teams, and he did well in the open field tackling a back in the backfield," Coughlin said. "So you want to be able to encourage the guys that do that."

    On Dillard.

    "It's just we're down a linebacker so we're going to have to do this with one less guy now that Chase (Blackburn) is out," Coughlin said. "So they're going to have to learn everyone's place."
  • Speaking of Blackburn, he expects to miss a couple of weeks, but is relieved that his knee injury is not more serious.
  • Sort of an odd scene right before lunch in the media access area. Media darling Victor Cruz, the undrafted free agent from UMass who starred in Monday's preseason victory over the New York Jets, came in, was mobbed by reporters and quickly escorted to the podium where major interviews are done. About a minute later, Sinorice Moss came in, cast an expressionless glance at what was going on and proceeded to go eat. Not one person talked to Moss.

    On his way out, though, a handful of reporters grabbed the veteran wide receiver and asked him about Cruz' success. Moss, unflappable, said he has heard this stuff before.

    "I've been asked these questions many times throughout the years," Moss said. "I take the same approach - a positive attitude and a smile. I know what I bring and I know what I'm capable of doing. That's why I have the smile on my face all the time."