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Giants Training Camp: It's Bomar Time!

Meet your new starting quarterback for the New York Giants ... Rhett Bomar. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is Bomar Time!

Bomar is the only healthy quarterback the Giants have heading into Saturday's preseason game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Bomar was the only quarterback practicing Wednesday afternoon for the Giants, and he may be the only one cleared to play Saturday night.

We know about Eli Manning and the famous 'Cut,' which, incidentally, Manning refused to show off on Wednesday. He wore a baseball cap which covered his stitched up forehead during a media interview early in the day and during practice later in the day. Coach Tom Coughlin said Wednesday Eli will not play Saturday. Backup Jim Sorgi apparently has a shoulder injury -- possibly the same shoulder he hurt last season. He was non-committal when asked if he could play Saturday. He did absolutely no throwing during Wednesday afternoon's workout at the University at Albany. Coughlin was uncertain about his status, according to reports.

So, Wednesday was Bomar Time during Giants Training Camp. Manning said he expects to practice Thursday, but didn't seem likely to play. Wearing a helmet is an issue as it would rub on his stitches. So, Bomar Time is likely to extend right through Saturday evening against the Steelers.

Prior to practice Wednesday, Bomar was besieged by the media, to the point where he had to climb the podium generally reserved for players the media most wants to speak with. Telling because I think it might be the first time in the entire camp anyone has spoken to Bomar.

"I need all the reps I can get," Bomar said. "Getting more reps this training camp than last year, but still limited. all the reps I can take I'm happy to take 'em."

Bomar went 6-for-7 Monday night against the Jets for 67 yards and one touchdown. He also had a 22-yard scramble.

"I felt comfortable out there. It was fun to get out there and play again after a year," Bomar said.

Bomar is looking forward to the additional playing time he appears likely to get Saturday.

"It's my opportunity to show the coaches what I have," Bomar said. "I have to be ready to produce when I go out there."

Bomar spent most of 2009 on the practice squad, and was active for the final regular season game. He says the year of experience and study has left him more prepared.

"I feel like I'm more comfortable in this offense this year, making smarter decisions, and I feel like I can make the throws," Bomar said. "It's night and day. When you look at this offense, it's not easy and there's a lot of stuff on the quarterback.

"I'm still learning. My second year in the system, last year your head is spinning a little bit. This year it's a lot different."

Practice Notes
  • Many of the Giants' injured players were back in action. Kevin Boss, Travis Beckum, Tim Brown among them. Sitting out were Manning, Sorgi, Chris Snee, Michael Johnson, Jerome Johnson and Jake Ballard.
  • The Giants did a lot of shuffling with their outside linebackers Wednesday. Rookie Phillip Dillard took several steps on the strong side with the first unit, and veteran Gerris Wilkinson also got a couple. Wilkinson even stepped up and made a nice run stop on a stretch play for Brandon Jacobs, shedding a block from Boss. This is purely speculation on my part, but you have to wonder if this is a sign that the Giants are unhappy with the progress of second-year linebacker Clint Sintim.
  • Two interceptions (of Bomar, of course) by middle linebacker Jonathan Goff. One came on a deflection at the line of scrimmage. The other came on a bad throw by Bomar, who simply did not read the coverage properly and threw an underneath route for Mario Manningham right into Goff's arms. With every passing day, you have to begin to think Goff actually has a real chance to hold off Keith Bulluck for the starting middle linebacker job. Goff is playing well, no doubt about that. Personally, I figured by now Bulluck would be running with the first unit, but that has not happened yet.
  • Matt Dodge hit eight punts during practice, and was all over the map. Three beautiful 50+ yard punts with good hang time, two awful punts of less than 40 yards and three punts with decent distance and no hang time whatsoever.

Back in the morning with more.