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Giants Training Camp: Thursday Practice Report

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The New York Giants were in full pads for their only workout on Thursday during Giants Training Camp at the University at Albany. They might not have bothered getting all dolled up, though, since practice was basically done at half-speed with very little contact or action.

Of course, since the Giants resemble a MASH unit these days with a ridiculous number of players not practicing, a light workout was probably a good idea.

There were a pair of additions to the casualty report -- yes, casualty report rather than injury list -- today. Safety Michael Johnson sat out with back spasms. Wide receiver Tim Brown did not even attend the workout, sitting out with a "groin/hamstring combination."

Then, of course, there were the usual suspects not doing any work. Kevin Boss, Travis Beckum, Scott Chandler, Jake Ballard, Corey Webster, Sinorice Moss, Kevin Boothe, Steve Smith and Chris Snee. Sorry if I missed anybody, but it's a ridiculously long list.

Oh, and during a "light" practice long snapper Zak DeOssie got stepped on, fell to the ground, dropped an F Bomb, then got up and snapped some more. Wide receiver Derek Hagan left practice near the end after appearing to get poked in the eye.

Here are a few other notes from Thursday's session.

  • I was sort of excited to see Victor Cruz, star of Wednesday morning's workout, get a chance to field some punts this afternoon. That is, until Matt Dodge actually kicked him the ball. Cruz dropped the first two balls punted to him, caught a couple, then let one drop in front of him. That led one media member on the sideline to say he he had "Sinorice'd" that one.
  • Cruz did catch a deep ball from Jim Sorgi over D.J. Johnson. Is it just me, or does it seem like every completed deep ball this camp has been accompanied with the phrase "over D.J. Johnson"?
  • Rough practice for Hagan. Got hurt, and had a couple of drops.
  • Jonathan Goff picked off an Eli Manning pass that was batted into the air by Michael Boley.

The Giants are not holding meetings tonight. Instead, coach Tom Coughlin is taking the entire team to dinner. No word on where, but I'd hope they are clearing out whatever restaurant they are going to.