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Giants Training Camp: Wednesday Evening Practice Report

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Here is your Wednesday evening practice report from New York Giants Training Camp at the University at Albany.

  • A truly hilarious moment at the beginning of practice. To explain, the offense and defense usually go to separate fields after stretching, and this evening it was the offense that headed off to a far field. Seems guard Richie Seubert must have challenged Eli Manning to a race, because Seubert took off on what -- for him -- passes for a dead sprint as soon as the horn sounded ending stretching. Eli -- who isn't exactly speedy, we know -- appeared to give Seubert about a 10-yard head start, then ran him down and passed him long before the duo had reached the second field. Let's just say Seubert is slooooooooooooow! Seubert, incidentally, did get a handful of snaps tonight.
  • You guys will love this one. Great play from Kenny Phillips on a deep ball from Jim Sorgi. He closed quickly on Derek Hagan and batted the ball away, eliciting cries of 'Superman' from his fellow defensive backs. It also earned a hug from Brandon Jacobs when KP came off the field. Jacobs took the unusual step of crossing from the offensive group into the defensive unit's territory to congratulate Phillips.

    "I kind of recognized what was going on," Phillips said. "I saw the formation - they had a running back and a tight end to the right side of the field with two receivers to the left. So I figured they're not throwing over there to the two sluggo guys, I knew they were throwing it over to the two receivers. So with that already in my mind, once I saw the route, I just took off for it and I was right.

    "That definitely felt good. I feel like what I've been doing for these last 11 months and the way the coaches have been letting me gradually get in the ballgame has paid off. I'm just looking forward to that next step - no pain, no soreness. I feel good with my range and everything so I'm just looking forward to it. That's all I'm waiting on."
  • Tight end Bear Pascoe got yelled at a few times by the coaching staff, once for getting beat on a block and a couple of times for being a step slow and having balls bounce of his hands. I'm calling foul on Tom Coughlin and the other coaches who yelled at Bear. The guy is killing himself out there, basically taking almost all the reps while the other four tight ends on the roster can't practice. He admitted in an interview I saw earlier today his calves are killing him, and he still keeps going out there. NO YELLING AT THE BEAR ALLOWED!! At least not until some other real tight ends get back to practice and give the guy a break!
  • Who says Osi Umenyiora can't play the run? He can, at least when he's matched up against Will Beatty. Umenyiora blew up a draw play, leaving Beatty standing still and nearly taking the handoff Jim Sorgi was trying to give to Andre Brown. On the next play Osi again flew past the helpless -- and terrible for most of camp -- Beatty on a speed rush for what would have been a sack of Sorgi.
  • Here is your "I know you hate Lawrence Tynes, but you are stuck with him update." Tynes hit three kickoffs from the 35 near the beginning of practice. He put one several yards into the end zone, one to the goal line and one to about the 5-yard line. Tynes went 6-for-6 kicking field goals, with one from 46 yards and another from 50. Matt Dodge did a great job holding one low snap from Zak DeOssie, getting a ball down that was skimming along the grass and enabling Tynes to hit a 38-yarder. Tynes is 32-of-35 overall in camp.
  • A Gerris Wilkinson sighting. Wilkinson tipped away a Rhett Bomar pass for Pascoe on a seam route, enabling John Busing to make an interception.
  • Rookie Duke Calhoun burned cornerback D.J. Johnson for a long completion from Bomar, blowing about 5 yards past him on a "go" route. Johnson is, shall we say, not having a great camp. He did, however, bat away one long Bomar pass intended for Mario Manningham.