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Giants' Smith Aims To Cash In, But Hopes To Do It Quietly


It seems like New York Giants' wide receiver Steve Smith is taking the same approach to his desire for a more lucrative contract that he takes to burning NFL defensive backs.

Not a lot of flash, not a lot of noise. Just do the job and let it take care of itself. Smith told the New York Post he believes he deserves more money, but he will show up on time for training camp and won't make a fuss about it.

Follow the jump for a section of the Post's report.

Smith is adamant but not militant in his desire to secure a new deal. He's scheduled to make $550,000 this season, which doesn't cut it for a player who shattered the franchise's single-season record for receptions with 107. He was the first Giant to lead the conference in catches since Bob Tucker in 1971. Smith was third in the NFC with 1,220 receiving yards and led all Giants receivers with seven touchdowns.

The Giants want to lock him up with a multi-year deal, but the timing makes it difficult. With no new Collective Bargaining Agreement for the 2011 season, the league is set for an uncapped year, meaning the Giants can offer Smith only a 30-percent increase in base salaries. The Giants can inflate any new contract with bonus money, but they do not want to guarantee the vast majority of any contract they write.

"I understand it's making it tough on both sides," Smith recently told The Post. "It's bad timing for me to be doing well in the National Football League."

Smith isn't making noise or creating controversy the way cornerback Darrelle Revis has dominated the Jets' offseason by skipping OTAs or taking himself off the field during mini-camp. Revis may not show up for training camp if he isn't satisfied financially, despite having three more years left on his deal.

"I feel Revis deserves it, but he's still has a lot of years remaining on his contract," Smith said. "This is my last year. I feel like I've accomplished some good things here so I hope the people here respect that and honor that."

In my view, this is another reason to love the guy. He has no intent of drawing attention to himself and becoming a distraction. Thanks, Steve.

  • Friend of BBV and my radio co-host Pat Traina posted a nice interview with Bear Pascoe on Wednesday. Pascoe became a bit of a cult figure here at the end of last seaon, mostly because of the 'Bear' nickname. More importantly, he could be the blocking tight end the Giants have been missing for a while now.

    "That’s how I was used in college out there at Fresno State, where we ran power, downhill football. So it was something I had to develop early on in my career. The blocking techniques and styles have changed over the years, but I still remain a blocking tight end first and then a route-runner afterwards."