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New York Giants News & Notes: Giants Taking Care Of Chad Jones

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Good morning, Giants fans. It's still unknown whether Chad Jones will be able to play football again, but the Giants are taking responsibility for his medical treatment, whether he'll ever join the team or not. It's good to hear, and I'm glad that everyone seems to be pretty realistic when talking about his chances of returning to the field.

USA Today takes a look at the Giants disappointing season and what the owners are expecting for the season to come.

Jerry Reese was back in his home state of Tennessee recently, talking to kids at a Boys & Girls Club about his life story.

The Star Ledger continues its summer questionnaire series with Giants safety Deon Grant.

Finally, the popular saying is that you can't grade an NFL draft until three years later. Well, it's been three years since that 2007 draft that helped propel the Giants to the Super Bowl, and the USA Today has the grades. The Giants come out with an A-, with only the Patriots, Jets, and Vikings graded ahead of them. It's hard to complain too much about having the fourth best grade in the NFL, but I disagree that Steve Smith isn't a "star." Sure, he's not Adrian Peterson, but he led the league in receptions last year and was a pro bowler.