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Injuries Already A Giant Concern


An abundance of injuries was, as we know, among the factors that destroyed the 2009 season for our New York Giants.

We know that the 2010 season has already seen its share of misfortune. The horrific car crash involving third-round pick Chad Jones, the season-ending knee injury for wide receiver Domenik Hixon, and the torn pectoral muscle that has backup offensive lineman Kevin Boothe's availability in doubt among them.

As we head to training camp, it seems the Giants may also be concerned about the defensive tackle position. A recent report indicated that the Giants recently tried to re-sign defensive tackle Legar Douzable, a journeyman who spent parts of 2008 and 2009 with the team. Douzable ended up with Detroit.

It seems there might be concerns about the health of Jay Alford's surgically repaired knee, and Rocky Bernard's surgically repaired shoulder. The report indicated that both players could be limited in training camp.

When it comes to Alford there might be legitimate cause not to expect too much in 2010. First, the reality is he has never been more than a bit player. Second, remember that Osi Umenyiora did not seem like his old self last season -- his first after major knee surgery. Former NFL player Matt Bowen wrote Monday in the National Football Post about what it is like to come back from knee surgery.

I had one of my own in the 2004 season. A torn right ACL against the Ravens in Week Five. Had the surgery, rehabbed and was back for 2005. But, I would be lying if I sat here and told you everything was great—because it wasn’t. The swelling, the daily maintenance, the pain and the lack of explosion I felt when the knee got tired. And, this was with the best rehab I could get from the Redskins training staff.

Unfortunately, it is natural. It wasn’t until my last season in Buffalo during training camp, the season after that I felt normal. Yes, the tightness was still there—as it is today—but I felt more like an athlete, instead of a player coming off of a major knee injury.

All of this could means the Giants are going to need second-round draft pick Linval Joseph to assume a major role right away. It also makes you wonder why the Giants were not more interested in two-time Pro Bowler John Henderson when he was available as a free agent earlier this off-season.