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Giants By The Numbers: 69 Is For ...

Rich Seubert.

No other New York Giant has worn the 69 jersey as well as this popular, hard-working guard.

We have been discussing the possibility, maybe even the probability, that Seubert will not be a starting guard for the Giants this season. Whether he is in the lineup or not, that will have no bearing on the contributions Seubert has made to the Giants since 2001.

He became a starter for the Giants during the playoff season of 2002, then suffered a gruesome leg injury mid-way through the 2003 season. He suffered a broken right tibia, fibula and ankle in a game against the Philadelphia Eagles. His career was thought to be over but five surgeries later Seubert returned to the Giants for the 2005 season.

He did not become a starter again until 2007 when David Diehl moved to left tackle, opening a spot for him. He may not have been as quick or athletic as he was at the beginning of his career, but Seubert contributed to a Super Bowl victory and helped make the Giants' offensive line one of the best in football for two seasons.

Seubert, you will also recall, was involved in the controversy surrounding the Giants' 2002 playoff loss to San Francisco. I hate to remember this, but ... from Wikipedia.

The Giants, who had led by a score of 38-14, were trailing 39-38 when Matt Bryant had a chance to kick a game winning field goal. When Trey Junkin botched the snap, Seubert, an eligible receiver on the play, went out to try to catch holder Matt Allen's pass. Allen underthrew Seubert, who was grabbed and pulled down by Chike Okeafor, apparently drawing a pass interference penalty. Instead, an illegal man downfield penalty was called on Seubert's teammate Tam Hopkins, ending the game (Seubert's interference call would have offset the penalties and forced a replaying of the down, as replays showed that Hopkins was in fact illegally downfield). The NFL drew a fair amount of criticism for the non-call on Seubert's play. The NFL later issued an official apology to the Giants in the off-season.

Willie Young was a left tackle who played for the Giants from 1966-75. I can't find information on whether Young was a starter or a reserve, but I don't remember him at all. I am thinking he was mostly a reserve. If anyone remembers, let me know. Same thing if you know of any pre-1950 Giants who wore the number. I can't find any.