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New York Giants News & Notes: Giants Look To Get Physical

ESPN New York has released their Giants training camp preview, and the main article talks about how the Giants want to get back to playing physical football, which they believe they got away from last year. I know it's the type of stuff football coaches and players say, but to me, being physical wasn't the problem last year - the problem was a lack of talented, healthy football players. CC Brown was plenty physical, he just wasn't any good at actually covering anybody. If the Giants hope to make the postseason this year, they'll need a healthy Justin Tuck playing like he did two years ago, Keith Bulluck to step in and make a difference at linebacker, and Antrel Rolle to do the same in the backfield. Hopefully Osi will be effective despite his hip injury and Kenny Phillips will be able to get back on the field and contribute as well. Because, ultimately, if you don't have good players out there, it doesn't matter how physical you are, you're going to get beaten.

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