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David Tyree Retirement Conference Call, 07.30

Q: David, we saw you in June and you had an inkling that your career was probably over - what was it that finally got you to make the final decision?

A: The final decision really came upon - I guess you guys know me - just positioning myself and seeing what was best. You know, just to put it out there, that I didn't get the interest that I expected in free agency but that really wasn't the final decision. I really felt I finished the season strong enough and positioned myself to be on somebody's roster at some point this year but what really made it the final decision for me was just looking at the body of work over the past seven years, what was I really trying to stay in the game to accomplish? And just really trying to position myself to hear from God and what was next for my family and it just kind of unraveled that everything that I was passionate about at this point in my life was more so off the field.

Q: Why was it so important for you to get one last day with the Giants and retire as a Giant?

A: I mean, honestly, that was extremely important for me because I never thought that - just to be all honest - I never really saw my career even happening to begin with and once it did get off to a start it was kind of a fairy tale ride for a kid out of Essex County and the story couldn't have been written any better and I was honored from the start of things even in the most shakiest of moments to have played my career with a class organization and it was only fitting that I ended there.

Q: Can you give an approximate number of times that you have watched your Super Bowl catch since it happened and when is the last time you watched it and are your feelings any different today about it than they were at the time?

A: I guess an know...I guess I couldn't even approximate the numbers. Usually only when I'm dealing with something media-wise. I am going to take the time -I was just chatting with someone yesterday - I've never watched the game in its entirety so that's something I'll look forward to doing. I know it means a lot more to me now and - I was sharing this as well - and I don't think that I had the full understanding of the true depth of what occurred and I think that the more I am removed from it the more I appreciate it. So goes with my entire career. Obviously that is the one signature moment which I'll be remembered for as a football player, but I was definitely satisfied with the complete body of work as well.

Q: When you were down in Baltimore did it feel strange to you? I know you wanted to continue your career but did you feel a little out of place not being with the team you grew up with?

A: Yeah, there were definitely some weird feelings going along but obviously I knew I had some things to contribute and looking back even at that - not that it was so far removed from it - but it was really something that was being built up in me, just character-wise, that sense of perseverance that I needed to, you was a sense of , can you come back from one of your most emotionally draining experiences that you've had in your life and compete at this high level. You know, y'all have heard me time and time again that you're only as good as your last opportunity and I think I've made the most of my opportunity down there in Baltimore, obviously proving my worth and doing what I do as far as those special teams. So as the season progressed, I played better and didn't obviously win the Super Bowl but advanced to the second round of the playoffs and had a successful team.

Q: What are your plans now?

A: It's going to be a combination of business and ministry. Be careful because I'm not a big fan of the word religious but I am passionate about my relationship with Christ so to me I truly understand that that was the primary focus of what that catch means to me. It give me a voice, it gives me a platform to reach others, to share, to encourage others in whatever area of their lives. Kind of what I'll be doing in business is - I have a passion to see guys do well, to have an understanding of what it means - this whole NFL career - what it sums up to and the fact that it's really not a career in itself, it's more of a springboard into your next area of life. So that's - even in the business realm - what I'll be doing and helping guys walk this journey a little bit.

Q: David, you always worked hard and were always very astute about the game. Do you think coaching might be in your future?

A: No, I can't see any coaching in my future. I just had my fifth child in June. I've really been tuned in. And the last two years and some of the struggles that that has presented me after the Super Bowl has really gotten me tuned in to the fruitful...just being around my family much more the kids give me than I give them and also by way of being a husband. So I'm really enjoying my place and my role in my home right now so whatever I do I don't want to take too much from that - I would never want to. Coaching is probably one of the most draining but rewarding vocations and jobs that somebody could get themselves into so I see coaching as just as much of a calling as preaching. You need to be called to that.