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'Over & Under': Eli Manning Edition

New York Giants' quarterback Eli Manning had the best statistical season of his six-year career in 2009.

  • A career-best 4,021 yards passing.
  • A career-high 27 touchdown passes.
  • A career-best 93.1 quarterback rating.
  • A career-best 62.2 percent completion percentage.

The Giants' offense was more reliant that ever on Eli's right arm in 2009 as the running game wilted while Manning was finding a whole closet full of new receiving weapons to throw to. Let's use each one of those numbers for our 'Over/Under' game today.

With another year to grow and learn the Giants' receiving corps, and the likelihood in my mind that the NFL's 'pass-first' tendency is not changing any time soon I am taking the 'over' on all of those numbers -- especially the yardage.