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'Over & Under': Osi Umenyiora Edition

The subject of today's New York Giants 'Over & Under' game will be Osi Umenyiora and his 2010 sack total. Let me just guess that this one, as do all mentions of Osi here at Big Blue View, will stir up a decent amount of feelings on both sides.

Umenyiora led the Giants in sacks last season, but with only seven, the worst full-season total of his six-year Giants' career. We know his off-season had lots of ups and downs but that's not what we are talking about today.

Osi is a Giant again. Whether he starts, rotates in with Mathias Kiwanuka or Justin Tuck, plays mainly as a pass-rush specialist or whatever, we know Tom Coughlin, Perry Fewell and the Giants will be looking for Osi to punish opposing quarterbacks in 2010.

How well will he do that this season, especially considering the recent news about Osi's hip issues? His best sack seasons were 2005 (14.5) and 2007 (13).

Let's put the 'Over/Under' number at 9, better than 2009 but not approaching his career bests.

This is a really tough call, I think. We know Osi is extremely motivated following last season's benching, the question is how many snaps will Kiwanuka and No. 1 pick Jason Pierre-Paul take away from him.

I am going to take the 'Under,' and I'm also going to hope I'm wrong about this one.