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New York Giants News & Notes: Chad Jones Released From Hospital

Rookie safety Chad Jones, badly injured in a car accident about a month ago, was recently released from the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan. He will be back in a few weeks for some more surgery, but for now it's great news that he's out and about.

Mike Garafalo has a longer than usual summer questionnaire with Brandon Jacobs. The Giants really need either Jacobs or one of the other running backs to step up and produce this year if they want to return to the playoffs.

Speaking of making the playoffs, "Doc's Sports Service" takes a fairly in-depth look at the Giants schedule this season. I don't necessarily agree with his conclusion of another 8-8 season, but there's some interesting tidbits in there about some schedule quirks that make it a worthwhile read.

Justin Tuck talked with the New York Post, and took a bit of a shot at departed defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan in the process.

Two slightly funny stories popped up in my Google Alerts this morning: first, a story that was apparently written last year, but for some reason popped up again today, talking about how the Giants receivers can't catch, and using Steve Smith as it's first example. Not quite as much fun as going back and reading Super Bowl XLII previews that predicted the Patriots would win by 40, but entertaining nonetheless.

Second, apparently Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett has had some nude photos leaked onto the internet. Don't worry, I'm not linking to the photos, just the story, in which the only picture of Bennett is him getting upended by two Giants. Now you all have some extra ammo to make fun of the Cowboys with. You're welcome.

Enjoy your day, Giants fans!