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'Over & Under': Interceptions Edition

A little bit of a 'change-up' in our New York Giants 'Over & Under' game today. Let's look at a particular defensive statistic.

The Giants were 22nd in the league in 2009 with only 13 interceptions. In fact, interceptions have not been a forte of the Giants' defense the past few seasons -- 17 in 2008, 15 in 2007 and 17 in 2006. Each season there are 6-8 teams who grab 20 or more interceptions, and Green Bay had 30 last season.

The Buffalo Bills had 28 pickoffs in 2009 with Perry Fewell, now the Giants' defensive coordinator, running the defense. They had only 10 in 2008, by the way.

So, what will the Giants do this season? The secondary is revamped. Free agents Antrel Rolle, Deon Grant and -- we hope -- Kenny Phillips are at safety. Terrell Thomas is on the verge of becoming a top-tier cornerback, and Aaron Ross and Corey Webster are healthier than they were last season.

Let's set the 'Over/Under' number at 17, which is the most interceptions the Giants have had in any of the last four seasons. I'm taking the 'Over' on this one.

How about you?