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Giants By The Numbers: 94 Is For ...

Michael Brooks.

Signed as a free agent from the Denver Broncos, was a good linebacker for the Giants from 1993-95. He had 92, 91 and 95 tackles in his three seasons in New York. Was a guy then-coach Dan Reeves brought with him from Denver.

Cedric Jones was one of the more disastrous first-round picks in franchise history. Selected fifth overall in 1994, Jones was pretty much a disaster right from the beginning. He played five seasons with the Giants and recorded 15 sacks, the first one not coming until his third season in the league. He did manage to work his way into the team's starting lineup his last two seasons, and was part of the 2000 Super Bowl team. Had a 7.5-sack season in 1999.

When the Giants took Jones, they thought they were getting "the most complete defensive player in the draft." Instead, they got a player who was troubled by eye and leg issues, and did not begin to play like an even competent player until his fourth season in the league.

William Joseph, of course, was another disastrous Giants' first-round pick who wore No. 94. Taken 25th overall in a 2003 draft that saw a huge first-round run on defensive tackles, Joseph never played up to his draft status. He compiled only seven sacks in four Giant seasons and had a career-best 20 tackles in 2004. He spent a few seasons after the Giants let him go bouncing on and off the roster of the Oakland Raiders.

Curtis Garrett, a defensive tackle, seems to be the first Giant to wear No. 94. He started three games in 1987, then disappeared from the NFL.

Mathias Kiwanuka wears the 94 currently, of course. Considering the number's recent Giants' history maybe that is not a good idea. Good luck with it, Kiwi!