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Giants By The Numbers: 91 Is For ...

Justin Tuck.

The best -- in my opinion -- defensive lineman the New York Giants currently have is a worthy choice for this number. Again, though, I have to point out that I can't find any evidence of a Giants' player having worn the 91 jersey before Charlie Burgess donned it for two games in 1987. So, the 91 jersey has a short history.

Tuck has 29 quarterback sacks in five NFL seasons after being drafted out of Notre Dame in the third round of the 2005 draft. He had 10 sacks in 2007 and a career-high 12 in 2008, when he went to the Pro Bowl and was named All Pro.

He had just six sacks in 2009 when he was hampered by a shoulder injury. The Giants need a healthy Tuck putting up 2008-style numbers in 2010.

Other Notables Who Wore No. 91
  • Charlie Burgess (LB, 1987): First player I can find who wore the number. He appeared in only two games.
  • Coleman Rudolph (LB, 1994-96). Came over from the New York Jets, and was a reserve for three seasons.
  • Ryan Phillips (LB, 1997-2000): Was a starter his final two seasons with the Giants, and had 51 solo tackles in 1999.