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New York Giants News & Notes: Ready To Rolle?

Good afternoon, Giants fans. Not a whole lot going on, so let's get right to the links:

  • Is Antrel Rolle ready to be a leader for the Giants defense?
  • A few days old, but check out Paul Schwarz' reaction to CC Browns complaints about the Giants the other day.
  • Summer questionnaire series with Hakeem Nicks, in which he cites Sinorice Moss as the leader amongst the Giants receivers. Makes you realize how young this group is, when Sinorice is the veteran.
  • Speaking of Nicks, FF Toolbox weighs in on the "battle" between him and Mario Manningham for the #2 WR spot. I don't think it's going to be much of a battle - unless Nicks is really bad or Manningham is really, really good in camp, I think Nicks will be lining up opposite Steve Smith on opening day. That said, I think both of them are gonna get plenty of chances to catch the ball and make an impact this season.
  • Finally, another summer questionnaire series with Clint Sintim, a player Matt Mosley believes could be a break out star in the NFC East this year.