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Giants By The Numbers: 86 Is For ...

(Photo by T.G. Higgins/Getty Images)

Lionel Manuel.

From 1984-90, a time when New York Giants' wide receivers were like an accessory that was rarely worn and almost never highlighted, Manuel was probably the most consistent pass receiver the team had other than tight end Mark Bavaro.

Manuel caught 232 passes for 3,941 yards (17 yards per catch) and 23 touchdowns during a seven-year career with the Giants. His best seasons were 1988 (65 catches, 1,029 yards) and 1984 (49 catches, 859 yards).

Manuel was cut near the end of the 1990 season, in which he caught only 11 passes.

Other Notables Who Wore 86
  • Johnny Perkins was a wide receiver drafted in the second round in 1977. He was a speedster, but he never quite became the star the Giants hoped for. He caught 163 passes in seven seasons, and his best season was 1981 when he caught 51 balls for 858 yards and six touchdowns.
  • Jim Duncan (DE, 1950-53). His claim to fame was intercepting seven passes in his four seasons.
  • Rich Kotite (TE, 1967): Yes, the same Rich Kotite who had an undistinguised 4-28 record in two awful season (1995-'96) as New York Jets head coach.
  • Ron Dixon (WR, 2000-2002): His claim to fame was running back a kickoff for a touchdown for the Giants' only points in a 34-7 loss to the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XXV.
[NOTE: No. 87 will be posted a little later. I will be doubling up some of these in the coming days so we can get through all of them before training camp starts.]