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How The Giants Stack Up In Fantasy Rankings

For you Fantasy Football players out there, recently released its 2010 Player Rankings.

The highest-ranked New York Giant in the list of 200 players and defensive teams? That would be wide receiver Steve Smith, listed 39th.

Running back Brandon Jacobs comes in at 52. That might be slightly misleading, though, since he is the 25th running back among the first 52 selections.

Quarterback Eli Manning is the next Giant at No. 67. Eli will never be a tremendous Fantasy Football option, though he is hardly a terrible one. And I know all these rankings are subjective and basically meaningless. It is still annoying to see any ranking where Jay Cutler (56) comes in ahead of Manning. Sorry, I don't care if it's Fantasy Football, flag football, touch football or what, Cutler over Manning in any ranking is just plain dumb.

Other Giants listed are:

  • WR Hakeem Nicks, 72nd
  • RB Ahmad Bradshaw, 78th
  • WR Mario Manningham, 127th
  • TE Kevin Boss, 174th