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C.C. Brown Rips Giants, New York Media

Call C.C. Brown 'Can't Cover' or 'Bad, Bad' or whatever you like. Just don't call him tongue-tied when it comes to blasting the New York Giants for his aborted and unsuccessful one-year stay with the team.

From the Detroit News:

Brown was benched in early November after getting beat deep more than once during a three-game losing streak in which the Giants' defense twice allowed 40 or more points. The joke among Giants fans and in the New York tabloid media was that his initials stood for "Can't Cover."

"I don't even want to comment on that, because I still, at times, get sensitive about how they did me (wrong) there," Brown said. "The biggest thing with New York is the media controls the team. So whatever the media says, that's what's gonna happen."

Asked if he felt like he was a scapegoat for the Giants' defensive struggles, he added, "I was, I was. Me being the new guy, I was the first guy on the block to be blamed."

That's classic. Blame the organization. Then blame the media. Don't look in the mirror and say "I didn't play well." Nope, don't take any responsibility for all those receivers and running backs blowing past you. Instead say "it's everyone else's fault."

Maybe Brown was mis-cast in New York. Maybe he was a 'box' safety being asked to handle more coverage duties than he was capable of. Maybe GM Jerry Reese should have looked elsewhere for a backup during the 2009 off-season. That does not, however, excuse Brown for famously 'playing my own defense' and consistently not seeming to know where he was supposed to be on the field.

Knowing your responsibilities is part of being a professional, as is taking the blame for your failings. C.C. fell short in both categories.

I wish the man no ill will -- maybe he will play well in Detroit and rebuild his tattered reputation. If so, good for him. I'm just glad he is an ex-Giant.