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Giants By The Numbers: 84 Is For ...

Harland Svare.

This is sort of a 'Lifetime Achievement Award' for Svare, who played for the Giants from 1955-60, served as the Giants defensive coordinator in 1960 and 1961, was head coach of the Los Angeles Rams from 1962-66 (he took over when he was just 31) and the San Diego Chargers from 1971-73.

Here is a Svare quote from Lew Freedman's 'New York Giants: The Complete Illustrated History.'

"I spent a lot of time studying. I committed all positions to memory. I was the only guy who knew everything by heart. I was like one of the smart kids in school that nobody liked."

Zeke Mowatt was a block-first, catch passes as mostly a last resort tight end for the Giants from 1983-91, except for the one season (1990) he spent in New England. Mowatt caught 48 passes in 1984, but never more than 27 in any other season. He ended up with 129 catches in seven seasons with the team.

Joe Jurevicius spent four seasons as a wide receiver with the Giants, and caught 51 passes in 2001, which would be his final season in New York. He caught 102 passes as Giant before moving on to Tampa Bay, Seattle and Cleveland.