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Giants By The Numbers: 82 Is For ...

The name that leaps to mind is Mark Ingram. I am not sure, though, if giving Ingram this number is the right thing to do. And that is not because of his post-football career legal troubles.

It is because there are a couple of Giants from an earlier era who deserve consideration, and who I just don't know enough about.

Ray Poole was an offensive and defensive end, as well as field-goal kicker for the Giants from 1947-52. He was named to the Pro Bowl in 1950.

Tom Scott was a defensive end and linebacker for the Giants from 1959-64, the final six of his 12 professional seasons. Scott was named to the Pro Bowl the two seasons prior to coming to New York, when he was a member of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Now, let's talk about Ingram. His legal troubles and the fact that he is still in prison are well-documented. Consider those, however, you want to. I am trying not to make this number about Ingram's post-career troubles, but rather about what he did for the Giants. That's the standard I applied to Lawrence Taylor and others, so it is the one that will be applied here.

Ingram was part of the workman-like Giants' receiving corps from 1987-92. He had his best season in 1991, catching 51 passes for 824 yards. Ingram is remembered for his successful twisting, turning, straining effort to get a critical first down after catching a pass in Super Bowl XXV. The play led to a Giants' touchdown. It is also shown in the video below (which, by the way is a great way to waste 11 or 12 minutes of your summer).

So, I'm not sure I ever actually decided who this number is for. What do you guys think?