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New York Giants Notes: Antrel Rolle Ready For The Bright Lights

Antrel Rolle, the Giants biggest free-agent acquisition of the offseason, sat down for an interview with the Sporting News and talked about signing with the Giants and how he will approach this season. At the very least he's saying the right things. Back in the Shockey days I used to defend guys training in Miami instead of New York, but I really liked Rolle's answer to the last question and think he's setting a good example by training in New York, at least for his first season as a Giant. Hopefully, Rolle is the missing piece that can plug the massive hole the Giants had in the secondary last year.

It's been all over the place, but it wasn't mentioned on the front page here and has now been overshadowed a bit by George Steinbrenner's death yesterday, but long-time NY area P.A. announcer Bob Sheppard passed away on Sunday. He's most famous as the "Voice of God" at Yankee Stadium, but he also followed the Giants out to Giants Stadium and did P.A. work for the St. John's mens basketball team. Both teams paid their respects to a sports icon.

Lawrence Taylor has pled not-guilty to the rape charge he is facing. Good luck, LT.

Gerris Wilkinson is already planning for life after football.

Yahoo's! Jason Cole ranks the NFL linebacking units, and has the Giants as the 3rd worst in the NFL. Interesting to note that all of his top 5 and 8 of his top 10 are 3-4 defenses, where the linebackers more commonly get to do flashy things like sack the QB.

Finally, the Star Ledger has three new additions to its summer questionnaire series: Matthias Kiwanuka; Jim Sorgi; and my favorite draft pick, Jason Pierre-Paul. It's not exactly the most awe-inspiring interview, but like I said at the end of my draft critique - I thought it was the wrong pick, but I'm rooting like hell for the kid to prove me wrong.