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Giants By The Numbers: 73 Is For ...

Arnie Weinmeister.

A defensive tackle, Weinmeister was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1984. Weinmeister was named All-Pro all four seasons he played for the Giants, ranging from 1950-53. Those were the only years in which Weinmeister played in the NFL.

From his bio on

He was one of the first defensive players to captivate the masses in the same manner a star running back or quarterback could. A big, extremely fast player with great ability to diagnose plays. Weinmeister began his pro career in the All-American Football Conference with the New York Yankees in 1950, and moved to the NFL during the 1950 merger. He played two ways in the AAFC, but was used exclusively on defense in the NFL.

Here is an excerpt about Weinmeister's brief, but overwhelmingly dominant, NFL career from Lew Freedman's 'New York Giants: The Complete Illustrated History.'

The 6-feet-4 inch, 245-pound strong man was an instant star, however, earning All-Pro recognition. For the next three seasons Weinmeister followed in his own footsteps, three times being rewarded at the end of the season for all-star play and becoming recognized as a hard hitter with quick footwork.

Weinmeister said he preferred defensive play to being used on the offensive line. "When I make a good tackle, or get in on a passer, I know that I have made a definite contribution to my team. It is a single-handed job and I have great personal satisfaction in knowing I am holding the other team down."

The combined six years Weinmeister played professionally in the two leagues, before becoming a high-ranking Teamsters union official in Seattle, was one of the shortest careers of any Hall of Famer.