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New York Giants News & Notes: June 9, 2010

Pretty slow news day for the Giants, with the only big news that they are returning to Albany for training camp this summer, as Ed posted yesterday. That said, here's a few links to keep you "busy" at work:

  • Justin Tuck recently hosted his second annual charity billiards tournament. I like how half of the celebrities are Giants players.
  • From Forbes, apparently the owner of the Miami Dolphins is also developing a major entertainment/retail complex near the New Meadowlands Stadium designed to attract foot traffic to the area. Not a bad idea, since it will give people a place to go after games while the traffic disappears (personally I'm a fan of the postgame tailgate, but some people, especially in the winter, aren't).
  • has their preview of the Giants 2010 season, and predicts a 6-10 record. They don't really give any analysis why, though, and I'd be pretty shocked if the Giants finished that poorly for any reason other than catastrophic injuries.
  • ESPN blogger Tim Graham asks who is the better head coach, Bill Parcells or Bill Belichick. Both guys have Giants ties and were important figures in the Giants first two Super Bowl championships. So what do you guys think - vote in the poll and discuss.
  • Finally, some old school footage from a 1977 Giants OT loss to the Chicago Bears. Maybe a painful memory for some of you, but I always find old football video fun to watch.