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Giants By The Numbers: 64 Is For ...

Jim Burt and John Mendenhall.

It would be very easy to simply give this number to Burt, especially considering the video that leads this post. Mendenhall, though, was a tremendous player during an awful era of New York Giants' football and he deserves some recognition.

Thus, I will share this number between these two terrific defensive linemen.

Burt was a Giant from 1981-88, and was the starting nose tackle on some terrific defenses beginning in 1984. The hit above came in the 1986 playoffs, with Burt knocking Joe Montana unconscious. Burt made the Pro Bowl in 1986.

I always thought Harry Carson was responsible for the first Gatorade bath. It was Burt, however, who first doused then-coach Bill Parcells back in 1985. Carson picked up from there.

Mendenhall was a starter for the Giants from 1972-79. Along with Brad Van Pelt, he was one of the few really good players the Giants had during that era. He would be remembered much more fondly in Giants' history had the teams he played on been any good.