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New York Giants News & Notes: Update on Chad Jones

Obviously the biggest story surrounding the Giants is the car accident of 3rd round pick Chad Jones. The good news is that Jones is recovering from his injury, and is "looking better." Obviously, the most important thing is that Jones is ok and the doctors were able to save his foot and leg. It's also good to hear that the New Orleans Police don't believe alcohol played any factor in the crash.

Of course, being a competitor, Jones is already talking about returning to football, and is eying a 2011 return. He has been visited by Charles Way and has spoken to both Tom Coughlin and Jerry Reese by phone, so obviously the Giants are keeping a close eye on his recovery. He's also told his dad that he wants to return. The most important thing is that Jones regains full health, but I would be ecstatic if he were able to play football again in the future. He was the guy I was most excited about from the Giants most recent draft, and while he'll probably never be quite the same as he was before this accident, it would be a phenomenal story if he were able to recover and make it to the NFL. I'll be rooting for him, that's for sure.

While the Jones story is dominating the headlines, the Giants have still been making some roster moves, most recently releasing QB Riley Skinner as well as recently claimed Chris Davis, who had about as short a Giants career as a player can possibly have.

Matt Mosley blogs that fourth-round pick Phillip Dillard is catching on for the Giants, and the Star-Ledger has a summer conversation with him.

Finally, for those of you living in New Jersey, you can now show off your Giants pride on your license plate.