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Time For A Little R&R

Sorry gang, but you guys are going to be mostly on your own for about the next week.

This morning I am heading to Cape Cod, Mass., for a few days by the ocean with the family. I will be checking in occasionally, but I'm not going to be around regularly. That will probably hold true right through the Fourth of July, which is coming up fast.

There are 'Giants By The Numbers' posts scheduled every day to give you something to read. I will probably pop in once in a while and post something regarding any major news that breaks -- though, with the ocean beckoning and limited Internet access I'm not sure how timely I will be. I'm sure CJ will have some 'news & notes' posts for you, as well.

So, enjoy yourselves for the next few days. After the Fourth we will start with some serious looks at the Giants as the clock ticks toward August's training camp in Albany.