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Giants Waive Five Players

From the Giants

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. - The Giants today waived five players to create space on their roster for when they sign their draft choices.

The players let go were defensive back Vince Anderson, punter Jy Bond, tight end Carson Butler and linebackers Lee Campbell and Micah Johnson.

Anderson spent most of last season on the Giants' practice squad and was signed to the active roster on Jan. 4. Bond, a former Australian Rules Football player, joined the Giants on March 18. Butler, who has done stints on the practice squads of Detroit, San Francisco and Cincinnati, signed with the Giants on Jan. 19. Campbell, who played at the University of Minnesota, was signed prior to the rookie mini-camp that began on April 30. Johnson, a Kentucky product, attended that camp on a tryout basis and was signed on May 7.

Had the Giants not made these roster moves, they would have had to release a player each time they signed one of their draft choices to stay at the 80-man roster limit.