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Around The NFL: Haynesworth Causing a Problem; Saints Get Their Rings; Obligatory Favre Update; & More

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Good afternoon, Giants fans. We haven't done an Around the NFL post in a long time, but now that a lot of teams have held minicamps we figured it was a good time to give you a brief update on what's going on with the other 31 teams out there:

  • The biggest story involves our division rival Washington Redskins, and disgruntled DT Albert Haynseworth. Haynseworth, you may remember, was given a $100 million dollar deal last offseason, mostly (it seemed) to sit on the sidelines sucking wind. Well, now he wants out, claiming the Redskins organization lied to him from the start. The Redskins players seem to be just fine with the prospect of losing Haynseworth as a teammate, voicing their displeasure with his recent actions. Aren't you guys glad the Giants lost out to the Redskins for his services last year?
  • Lest you think Haynseworth is the only disgruntled millionaire, a few other superstars have been grumbling about their contracts, most notably RB Chris Johnson of the Titans and CB Darelle Revis of the Jets.
  • Speaking of the Jets, former nemesis Jason Taylor is attempting to win their fanbase over, one autograph at a time.
  • Vikings running back Adrian Peterson might be the best running back in the NFL, but his one glaring weakness has been a fumbling problem (sound familiar, Giants fans?). Rather than hire Tom Coughlin to teach him to carry the ball high and tight, coach Brad Childress has Peterson carrying a 14-pound ball which he claims will help the way swinging a heavy bat in the on-deck circle helps baseball players. I'm not sure I understand that analogy, though I suppose the real benefit of the drill would be to make Peterson more aware of the ball as he's running. We'll see if it works.
  • The New Orleans Saints have received their Super Bowl rings. For a closer look, check out the Saints SBN blog, Canal Street Chronicles. Not as nice as the SB XLII rings, but whatever.
  • The Houston Texans have inspired expectations that they will reach the postseason for the first time in franchise history this season.
  • All QB news from here on out: first, an update on Brett Favre, because I know you're all on the edge of your seat about whether he'll play again or not. Do you think ESPN even bothers re-writing these stories at this point, or are they just slapping a new date on a story they wrote 3 years ago?
  • Deep in this 49ers article is an update on old friend David Carr.
  • Titans QB Vince Young is in the news again for being involved in a fight at a Dallas strip club. Ross Tucker writes that this incident is further proof that Young isn't the right quarterback for the Titans.
  • Finally, neither the Bills nor the Browns will commit to a starting QB, leaving their respective depth charts unsettled. Unfortunately for both of them, I'm not sure it will make all that much of a difference who they end up starting at QB.