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New Jets Stadium? Sorry, No It's Not

I have never hated the New York Jets. For the most part, it has been easy to simply ignore them since the Giants have clearly been the more successful franchise.

Well, we know the Jets are tougher to ignore these days. With the blustery Rex Ryan as coach, reaching the AFC Championship Game last season and the fact that the two teams now share a stadium and will co-host the 2014 Super Bowl.

Ahh, yes, that stadium. The New Meadowlands Stadium. It's that new building that has me ticked off at the Jets this morning. Or, more precisely, what the Jets are calling the new building.

New Jets Stadium. Pardon me, but since when?

I found that little reference this morning on the Jets' website in a piece about their free-to-attend mini-camp practice on Wednesday morning.

That is nothing if it isn't arrogant. I know it really isn't a big deal, but the Giants don't do that. They don't call it New Giants Stadium. Nor should they. Neither team should claim it that way.

This is sort of like the wide receiver who starts stupidly, and childishly, making the annoying "first down" gesticulation when his team is behind by three touchdowns in the fourth quarter.

It probably should not annoy me the way it does. It's really just the rantings of a team that has always been No. 2 in the city that finally thinks it has something to brag about. And one that has never had a place of its own. Obviously, though, it has gotten under my skin.

Maybe the difference is this Giants' organization has already been where the Jets still want to go. They don't have to talk about it.

[UPDATE: So, I have been informed that there is a place where the Giants refer to the stadium as 'New Giants Stadium'. To be correct, I want to clarify that. The link is to a marketing website I did not know existed. I still believe, though, there is a difference between using that term in a marketing pitch and using it on your official team news and information page.]